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Publication - Professor Jonathan Cooper

    Systematic statistical characterisation of stress-life datasets using 3-Parameter distributions


    Hoole, J, Sartor, P, Booker, J, Cooper, J, Gogouvitis, XV & Schmidt, RK, 2019, ‘Systematic statistical characterisation of stress-life datasets using 3-Parameter distributions’. International Journal of Fatigue, vol 129.


    The variability present in S-N datasets is typically characterised using probability distributions to enable the construction of Probability-S-N curves for design. 3-Parameter Log-Normal and Weibull distributions have been proposed as alternative distributions to the commonly assumed 2-Parameter Log-Normal distribution. This paper performs statistical characterisation of a 4340 steel S-N dataset from the Engineering Sciences Data Unit using a systematic methodology. The 3-Parameter Weibull distribution provided improved characterisation of the S-N dataset. Using a case study, it was also demonstrated that use of a 3-Parameter Weibull distribution can increase component safe-life values by 20% when compared to the 2-Parameter Log-Normal distribution.

    Full details in the University publications repository