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Professor Kerstin Eder



I teach leading edge Design Verification techniques and methods using industrial strength tools including both state-of-the-art coverage-driven simulation/test-based verification and formal verification. You may want to watch an interview I gave at DAC 2012 in San Francisco on the content of the Design Verification unit.
Since 2007 Bristol has been selected as lead university to head the Cadence Academic Network in the area of Advanced Verification Methodology. (local CAN info)

In collaboration with a consortium of local microelectronic design companies I have initiated the introduction of the MSc in Advanced Microelectronic Systems Engineering in 2006. I have been the Director of this MSc programme until 2010. The programme is now one of our established Advanced MSc programmes; it attracts excellent students and provides qualified graduates for the local and international microelectronics design industry.


Professor Eder currently teaches 1 courses: