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Dr Luiza Dihoru

1995-2000 Experimental and theoretical studies in the area of particulate materials (University of Cluj-Napoca - Romania, Stanford University - USA and Pennsylvania State University - USA). Research interests: particle packing, rheological behaviour of powder mixtures, injection moulding of particulate materials, sintering behaviour of granular materials.

2000-2001 Experimental studies and modelling work on die filling and powder compaction (University of Leicester - UK). Main directions of research: particle flow, die filling, neural-network modelling of particle packing, behaviour of granular materials at low and high stresses.

2001-2004 Development work and experimental studies in the field of soil mechanics (University of Bristol - UK, Geotechnics Research Group). Areas of interest: behaviour of granular materials in true triaxial conditions, constitutive modelling, neural network modelling.

2004- present Experimental and theoretical studies in seismic engineering and structural dynamics (University of Bristol - UK, Earthquake Engineering Research Centre). Areas of research: soil-structure interaction, seismic behaviour of engineering systems, dynamic testing, physical modelling, neural network modelling.