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Publication - Professor Nishan Canagarajah

    Lossless video compression based on backward adaptive pixel-based fast motion estimation


    Chen, X, Canagarajah, CN, Nunez-Yanez, JL & Vitulli, R, 2012, ‘Lossless video compression based on backward adaptive pixel-based fast motion estimation’. Signal Processing: Image Communication, vol 27., pp. 961?972


    This paper presents a lossless video compression system based on a novel Backward Adaptive pixel-based fast Predictive Motion Estimation (BAPME). Unlike the widely used block-matching motion estimation techniques, this scheme predicts the motion on a pixel-by-pixel basis by comparing a group of past observed pixels between two adjacent frames, eliminating the need of transmitting side information. Combined with prediction and a fast search technique, the proposed algorithm achieves better entropy results and significant reduction in computation than pixel-based full search for a set of standard test sequences. Experimental results also show that BAPME outperforms block-based full search in terms of speed and entropy. We also provide the sub-pixel version of BAPME as well as integrate BAPME in a complete lossless video compression system. The experimental results are superior to the selected state-of-the-art schemes.

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