Engineering Education Research Group

The Engineering Education Research Group (EERG) aspires to direct the future of Engineering Education Research, both within the University and nationally.


Our aim is for the University of Bristol to become recognised as one of the leading UK institutions for Engineering education practice and pedagogy. We believe that there is an opportunity to lead and define a direction for engineering education and to encourage evidence-based pedagogical innovation both inside and outside the University of Bristol. 

EERG aims to develop and support educational initiatives that inspire students to excel, enhance their learning experience and equip them with the skills needed by future employers. This is best achieved by sharing best practice, promoting collaboration, contributing to internal strategy documents and disseminating knowledge externally through journals and other publications that can influence educational policy.

EERG has the following research and impact objectives:

  • Support and promote publication of educational innovation via conferences, journals and other media. 
  • Promote research into student experience including educational effectiveness, student wellbeing, widening participation and outreach 
  • Act as a focal point for visiting national and international experts  
  • Encourage collaboration with other academic and industrial partners 
  • Contribute to national and international government strategies 
  • Provide a critical mass to enable strong grant applications with multi-disciplinary collaboration. 
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