State of the art facilities include:

  • the Bristol Centre for Nanoscience & Quantum Information (NSQI), the "quietest building" in the world;
  • a clean room for device fabrication with advanced etching and coating facilities;
  • a focused ion beam etching (FIBE) machine (resolution 7nm);
  • advanced measurement and experimental kit for both edge-emitting and vertical cavity surface lasers.

Optical communications test and measurements:

  • an Anritsu 43 GBit/sec Bit-Error-Rate (BER) testing facility;
  • a 50GHz Agilent Vector-Network-Analyser;
  • calibrated detectors;
  • spectrum analysers;
  • tunable laser sources.


  • cryogenic micro-photoluminescence kit;
  • 0.55 m and 0.3 m monochromators (with low noise CCD detector arrays);
  • Picosecond and femtosecond Ti-sapphire lasers;
  • CW lasers at 405nm, 532nm, 635nm;
  • Narrowband tunable spectroscopic laser;
  • photon-counting test equipment including:
    • time interval analysers,
    • photon counters and detectors.


  • High performance computing cluster.

NSQI building

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