Green Impact Awards 2015/16

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About the scheme

The University of Bristol Green Impact Awards offer a practical way of helping staff and students to become greener, whilst celebrating the small steps that individuals are taking to reduce our collective environmental impacts. Green impact challenges you to implement a number of easy actions that will help the environment. The more actions completed then more points are scored, leading to a Bronze, Bronze Plus,Silver, Gold or Platinum Award.

Aims and outcomes

Green Impact aims to empower individuals and teams to reduce their environmental impact by encouraging rewarding and celebrating practical environmental improvements

Who can get involved?

Any staff or student from across the University can participate. There are different schemes to suit different groups (see key schemes). Teams can be of any size, from any location or function. The schemes are not aimed at any one type of post-holder - any member of staff or student can lead on behalf of their department or residence,and the more people you can get on board, the easier it will be, you also get extra points for getting people involved.

Sign up to Green Impact 2015/2016

The Green Impact work book will be available here soon.

If you are not sure about signing up, you can see what's involved by looking at the sample work book, go onto the on-line work book at and log in using as the email and then 'example' as the password.  If you want to take part you can then log in and set up your own team, which is easy just follow the on line screen directions once the work book for this year is available. Once it is available you can sign up at anytime but the workbook must be submitted by the submission date which will be announced.   Good Luck!