Women in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine and Mathematics)

In building a talented and diverse workforce within the University of Bristol, there needs to be inspiration and examples of success.  A key aim of the University is to commit in making women in STEMM, of all backgrounds and ages, more visible and to provide the opportunities to help women within their STEMM careers.

“Positive female role models are important if we are to transform some of the preconceptions about who becomes a scientist, technologist, engineer or mathematician, both among the public, young girls, their teachers and parents. Role models can also inspire women already in STEMM to continue and progress, and they can help all STEMM managers and staff to break down barriers.

Role models may include women at the top of their career, such as our Women of Outstanding Achievement, but can also be women who are studying, volunteering or just embarking on their careers. “

WISE Campaign

Athena SWAN Charter Returning Carers' Scheme International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology 'Parent, Carer, Scientist' (published by The Royal Society)Funding opportunities for returning parents, carers and women