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Athena SWAN BronzeIn 2006 the University was delighted to receive a Bronze SWAN Award in recognition of its achievement in the collection and analysis of key data and the development of action plans on gender equality in SET (these achievements relate to the first three key areas as set out in the SWAN Charter). Links to the submission documents are below.

In 2009 the University applied to renew the award and was successful, which demonstrates that it remains responsive to the challenges that face women in SET and continues to maintain a solid foundation for eliminating gender bias and developing an inclusive culture that values all staff and that clear progress had been made against the original Bronze university application and action plan.

In 2013 the University successfully renewed the award for a second time, this time under a pilot process to trial a new approach to University level renewal applications.

2013 - Bronze renewal [under pilot application process]

2013 University Bronze Renewal Submission (including Action Plan) (PDF 2.21 MB)

2009 - Bronze renewal

Document title Word format PDF
Bronze renewal report Word (64 KB) PDF (100 KB)
Action plan Word (76 KB) PDF (94.3 KB)

2006 - Bronze Award 

Document title Word format PDF
Report on the Self-Assessment Process Word (55 KB) PDF (82 KB)
Annex B (Student Statistics) Word (26 KB) PDF (16 KB)
Annex C (Staff Statistics) Word (41 KB) PDF (15 KB)
Self Assessment Form Word (88 KB) PDF (71 KB)