Maternity and Paternity Careers Coaching

The University offers careers coaching for those going on maternity, paternity, or shared parental leave. This coaching is designed to support you. Having children may change your perceptions about yourself and your relationship with work. We offer three confidential coaching sessions, a total of 3.5 hours. The agenda is set by you. The kinds of issues people tend to explore are:

  • Work/life balance
  • Identifying shifting priorities
  • Refocusing professional and personal goals
  • The challenge of letting go before maternity or shared parental leave
  • Confidence building on return from maternity or shared parental leave
  • Negotiating flexible working arrangements in order to support your partner and child at home

You may choose to spread your sessions out so that you have one before your leave, one during, and one after, or any configuration that suits you. You could use a session during your leave as one, or part of one, of your KIT (for maternity) or SPLIT (for shared parental leave) in touch days (by combining it with a visit to your department, for example) which means you can be paid for your time. The last point at which you can request an appointment is six months after your return from maternity or shared parental leave.

Book an appointment

The service is accessed through the Staff Coaching Service.  If you would like to book a session please email with your requirements. The Staff Coaching Service is located at 8 Osborne Villas, which is quiet and private, but alternative locations can be arranged where necessary.