Facilities Management Hard Services

Facilities Management Hard Services ensures that the University's portfolio of buildings and Services Infrastructure provides an environment that is conducive to learning and research.  Our objective is to ensure that facilities are operational, available and safe, by undertaking a comprehensive maintenance regime utilising directly employed craft and technical staff, and specialist external contractors.

Our committed group of Surveyors, Engineers, Contract Supervisors and support staff ensure that the Maintenance programme, together with minor refurbishment work, is implemented to a high standard and in an efficient manner.  Looking after the structural integrity of University properties, ensuring services are sufficient and robust, reducing risks, enshrining statutory and legislative compliance, as well as ensuring any building work on site is carried out in a safe and professional manner. 

Contact details

FM Hard Services
Estates Office
1-9 Old Park Hill 
Bristol BS2 8BB

(0117) 92 88289
(0117) 92 88056

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8am until 5pm

Maintenance Help Desk

The Maintenance Help Desk provides a central point of contact to request work and is open on weekdays from 7am to 7pm to take requests.  Please go to the Estates homepage and use the Request Maintenance Work button to make non-urgent requests.  Requests are dealt with according to their urgency and, by using the self-service option, this allows our staff to prioritise tasks. 
In a building emergency, always contact the Maintenance Help Desk on (0117) 92 89898 or Extn 89898 internally.  Outside weekdays from 7am to 7pm, please call the University's Security Services staff on (0117) 92 87848 or Extn 87848, who will be able to take details and add the request for you.

Services we provide

We set in place and manage a programme of capital and planned maintenance, repair and upgrade projects across the University's estate, recording the condition of buildings and services infrastructure, endeavouring to achieve a consistent level of quality and functionality and maintenance support.

A database recording the Generic Project Requirements (GPR) for all building and engineering work, as well as management of an approved list of contractors who are used to produce good quality, high value works, are led by this team.

We have a range of building related, technical and craft trained/qualified staff who are tasked with carrying out general maintenance/repairs related to their specialism and to respond to emergencies.  Our staff undertake general repairs to University buildings, replacing faulty items such as lamps and broken locks.  We fault find on plant and equipment including air conditioning and heating systems.
The Shift Maintenance Team provides a round the clock service guaranteeing an immediate response to any emergency, and will take action to cure the immediate effects of a problem. 

We also undertake small budget new works and alterations, such as installing additional electrical sockets, putting up new shelves or the cutting of additional keys.  These services are classed as recharged to customers and a Departmental Charge Code will be required please, before these works can proceed.  

Secure Data Network - Documents

Secure Data Network (SDN) Policy Documents available for download.