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Hectic programme for summer 2016

Works continuing in the Fry Building for the School of Mathematics

Badock Hall residences at Stoke Bishop

22 July 2016

As in previous years, the Estates Office will be at full stretch over the summer of 2016, working on a range of projects aimed at improving facilities on the University’s campuses.

A number of major projects are now in full swing.  These include the renovation of the Fry Building as the new home for the School of Mathematics, the extension to the Queens Engineering Building, the renovation of 8-10 Berkeley Square for the School of Law’s expansion, the renovation of the fire damaged hall of residence at 33 Colston Street and a programme of improvements to our buildings and pitches at the Coombe Dingle Sports Complex.  However, the programme for June to September is dominated by a plethora of smaller projects but all of equal importance to support the University’s mission.

The rolling programme of residential improvement is focussing this year on Badock Hall, Churchill Hall and Hiatt Baker, all at Stoke Bishop.  Bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens are being renovated, social space is being refurbished and the main dining area at Hiatt Baker Hall is being improved.

In addition, the rolling programme of lecture theatre refurbishment this year focusses on the full refurbishment of the main lecture theatres SM1 and SM2 in Maths, the AIMS Centre in the School of Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience, the Enderby Lecture Theatre in Physics, Peel Lecture Theatre and Seminar Room 2 in Geography and LG.08 in Canynge Hall. In addition the acoustic panels in Powell LT in Physics and C42, C44, F40 in Biomedical Science are being replaced and the Air Handling Unit in E29 in Biomedical Science in being upgraded.

Elsewhere, major works are being implemented to improve the resilience of the data centre in Tyndall Avenue, to reconfigure the careers area in Tyndall Avenue to accommodate Base Camp, to continue the ongoing programme of improvement to the Victoria Rooms and to relocate the Arts Faculty back into Woodland Road.  The new Centre for Innovation is being established in newly rented space in 40 Berkeley Square and the University’s Grade II listed Lunsford House is undergoing a comprehensive repair programme prior to being made available for occupation.

Andrew Casselden, Head of Capital Projects said: “I am extremely proud of the hard work, dedication, and professionalism displayed by the Estates Office during what is frequently deemed as a ‘quiet period’. This emphasises to me that the biggest assets this organisation has are its people, not what is sitting in our bank accounts.”