Public Engagement Seminar/discussion 5 October 2012

"Science is only human"

Ed Yong @edyong209

Friday 5th October 2012 at 3- 5pm, Lecture Theatre E29, Medical Sciences Building

Booking: expression of interest form.


The ideal, perhaps naive, conception of science is a self-correcting  march towards greater truth and understanding about the world around us. In practice, it's done and published by people, and people can be  influenced by ego, motivated by power and swayed by personal biases. Science writer Ed Yong will talk about how this tension affects the conduct of science, its communication in the mainstream press, and how the internet is changing things for the better. 

Ed in an award-winning science writer, whose work appears in Nature, The  Scientist, the BBC, New Scientist, Discover, Wired, the Guardian and more. He is the creator of the blog Not Exactly Rocket Science, and spends the rest of his time being cynical on the Internet.

Replication studies: Bad copy is Ed's most recent article on this topic.

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