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Saffron Karlsen participates in a roundtable event at the UK Cabinet Office

22 March 2017

Saffron Karslen participated in an open dialogue roundtable discussion at the UK Cabinet Office to discuss key health issues which will inform the work of the Race Disparity Audit.

Saffron Karlsen joined leading NGO organisations and academic partners who lead on health and have a focus on race at a roundtable discussion event at the Cabinet Office on Monday 20th March 2017.

The Prime Minister announced the Race Disparity Audit in August 2016 to publish Government data on disparities in treatment and outcomes in public services for all races/ethnicities. The public services in scope will include (but are not limited to) health, education, employment and criminal justice. Where possible, the data will be broken down by geography and income too. A website detailing public services race data will be launched in summer 2017.

At the roundtable key areas for discussion will include:

  • What public services disparities or data gaps would you like the audit to be aware of or to identify?
  • What areas or themes would you like the audit to cover?
  • What ‘myths’ about race groups would you like the audit to help dispel?
  • What do you think will be the greatest ‘value add’ of the audit and digital platform?
  • What are the potential risks or cautions about presenting statistics on race disparities in health and using health data – such as on access to treatments and outcomes, and potential misuse or misinterpretation of the data?
  • Onward engagement with the audit process?
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