‘Taking Part: Muslim Participation in Contemporary Governance’

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That's my [observation] from the report: That [there is a] fine balancing act between the deliberative thought-through agency that Muslims are exercising, versus the things that are... being done to them. I'm not sure that the balance is right. How do you redress that balance? What does the community need in order to shift that balance to a more productive one?

Dilwar Hussain, responding to the ‘Taking Part’ Report

‘Taking Part’: The Report Launch

On 31 January 2013, the report ‘Taking Part: Muslim Participation in Contemporary Governance’ was launched at a public event at the Bishopsgate Institute in London. The report launch was chaired by Tariq Modood and featured presentations of the main research findings by Therese O’Toole and Daniel Nilsson DeHanas, followed by responses from an expert panel of Dilwar Hussain, Humera Khan and Maleiha Malik.

Research Presentations: 10 Key Findings

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Therese O’Toole’s Presentation of the first 5 key research findings:

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Daniel Nilsson DeHanas’ Presentation of key research findings 6-10:

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Dilwar Hussain’s response:

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Humera Khan’s response:

Question & Answer Session

Chaired by Tariq Modood

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