School Colloquium Series

28 February 2018, 1.00 PM - 28 February 2018, 2.00 PM

Professor Roland W. Fleming

2D1 12a Priory RD

Speaker: Roland Fleming

Institution: Giessen University

Title: TBC

Abstract: TBC


Research interest from Professor Flming;  

Research in my lab focusses on how the brain visually estimates the physical and functional properties of objects in our surroundings.

When we look at things, we don't experience the world as a meaningless jumble of lines, colours or motions. Instead, whenever we open our eyes, we immediately gain access to a richly detailed world of meaningful visual sensations. We recognise objects; perceive what things are made of; identify risk and pleasures and can even work out how objects might respond to forces or actions. Based on how things look, we are able to make a remarkable range of subtle judgements about the physical properties of objects, such as whether food is fresh or stale or whether an object is stable or likely to topple over. Without touching an object, we can usually work out what it would feel like were we to reach out and touch it, based on the curves and contours of its shape and the way light plays across its surface. My research program aims to understand how the brain estimates the 3D shape of surfaces, and the material properties of objects such as elasticity, translucency or viscosity. In order to do this, we use a combination of computer graphics, image analysis techniques, neural modelling and psychophysical experiments.


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