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Dr Angela Rowe



I am a Reader in Social Cognitive Psychology. I joined the School of Experimental Psychology at the end of 1999 while writing up my PhD. My research broadly centres on the processes and mechanisms that drive adult attachment. Briefly, on the basis of information abstracted from consistent and long-term attachment relationships, individuals develop mental models of attachment, or attachment styles. A key feature of attachment styles is that they predictor how individuals respond to threat and deal with stress and distress. Much of my research over the years has been concerned with the way that attachment styles and attachment-relevant hormones influence thought, behaviour and feelings in interpersonal relationships and social life more generally. In recent years, one line of my research has focused on the relationship between attachment styles and mental health. While insecure attachment styles represent a vulnerability for the development and maintenance of ill mental health, secure attachment acts as a buffer against its development.  Across a number of studies we find that the experimental enhancement of attachment security has many positive personal and interpersonal outcomes, including positive effects on mental health.

My current administrative role within the School is as Impact Director. In this role, I oversee and promote the societal, economic and policy impact of our research. As part of this role, and as a route to impact, I do my best to facilitate collaborations between researchers in the School and external partners from industry and the charity and the Psychology sectors.






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