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Dr Benjamin Evans


My research seeks to understand the emergent properties of neural systems through computational modelling techniques spanning multiple levels, from ion channels to networks. I am particularly interested in the brain’s ability to self-organise through synaptic plasticity, adapting to the statistical regularities of its environment to support flexible and intelligent behaviour. Previously I have modelled optogenetics, authoring PyRhO, a suite of computational tools for modelling and simulating opsins. I have also collaborated on several projects applying machine learning to a range of biomedical problems including combating Antimicrobial resistance, improve management of Type 1 Diabetes mellitus and non-invasively diagnosing cancer from breath sample analysis. I am also a strong proponent of increasing openness and reproducibility in science.

  • Senior Research Associate, School of Psychological Science, University of Bristol
  • Research Fellow, LSI, University of Exeter
  • Research Associate, IBME, Imperial College London
  • Research Associate, Dept. of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford
  • DPhil Computational Neuroscience, University of Oxford (ESRC funded)
  • MSc Psychological Research, University of Oxford (ESRC funded)
  • MSc Intelligent Systems, University College London
  • BA Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford



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