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Publication - Dr Casimir Ludwig

    The visual system supports on-line translation invariance for object identification


    Bowers, JS, Vankov, I & Ludwig, CJH, 2016, ‘The visual system supports on-line translation invariance for object identification’. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, vol 23., pp. 432-438


    The ability to recognize the same image projected to different retinal locations is critical for visual object recognition in naturalist contexts. On many theories translation invariance for objects only extends to trained retinal locations. On this approach, a familiar object projected to a non-trained location should not be identified. On another approach invariance is achieved “on-line”, such that learning to identify an object in one location immediately affords generalization to other locations. We trained participants to name novel objects at one retinal location using eye-tracking technology and then tested their ability to name the same images presented at novel retinal locations. Across three experiments we found robust generalization. These findings provide a strong constraint for theories of vision.

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