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Dr David Turk


I obtained a First Class Honours degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of Bristol, UK in 1997, and then completed my PhD, also at Bristol, with Alan Baddeley and Chris Jarrold in 2001.  My postdoctoral training was at Dartmouth College, USA working in the laboratory of Michael Gazzaniga where I also worked with Neil Macrae, Todd Handy, Bill Kelley and Todd Heatherton.

I was appointed to a Lectureship at Aberdeen University in June 2005, and promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2009 and I moved to Bristol as a Reader in 2012. 

I have been funded by NIH and NINDS in the US and by the British Academy, BBSRC, and European Research Council in Europe. I have also been supported through a collaborative grant with the Japanese Research Council.