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Publication - Dr David Turk

    The self-relevance system. A commentary on Humphrey’s & Sui (2015)


    Conway, M, Pothos, E & Turk, D, 2015, ‘The self-relevance system. A commentary on Humphrey’s & Sui (2015)’. Cognitive Neuroscience.


    We suggest that the Self Attention Network (SAN) maybe part of a larger selfregulatory
    system, which we term the Self-Relevance System (SRS) of which the
    ‘core’ or default network is a major part. It is within the core network that memories
    are generated and the future imagined. Such memories and imaginings are the basis of
    preoccupations. Within the SRS then preoccupations drive the emergence of
    attentional biases (ABs). ABs in turn are modulated by the SAN activating and
    inhibiting circuits that shape behaviour. We consider briefly how this might function
    in dysfunctional appetitive behaviours, e.g. substance abuse.

    Full details in the University publications repository