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Professor Iain Gilchrist

Visual exploration

Research interests

My research is focused on how humans gather information about their visual environment. Vision provides information so that we can interact with the world but that information is often not immediately available. As a result we have to sample the world to find the goal relevant information. This sampling involves a range of motor systems including eye, arm, head, and whole body movements and is a decision making process. One major focus of our work has been to understand how and why we move our eyes to sample the world, another is the mechanisms that support human foraging.

Current larger grants

GLANCE: GLAnceable Nuances for Contextual Events (2016-2020). EPSRC Awarded to Mayol-Cuevas, Gilchrist, Damen and Ludwig; £807,000

Vision for the Future (2015-2020) EPSRC Platform Grant, Awarded to Bull, Burn, Canagararjah, Cuthill, Gilchrist, Ludwig and Roberts, £1,363,000

Glucocorticoid dynamics in health and disease (2018-2023) MRC Awarded to Lightman, Harmer, Robinson, Conway-Campbell, Gilchrist and Rivers, £1,847,579

Recent larger grants

Making decisions in an unstable world (2011-2016).EPSRC, Awarded to Gilchrist, Baddeley, Bogacz, Farrell, Leslie, Ludwig & McNamara; £1,646,000

Sensor Platform for HEalthcare in a Residential Environment [SPHERE] (2013-2017). EPSRC, Awarded to Craddock, Tavare, Flach, Coyle, Campbell, Mirmehid, Munafo, Gilchrist and other; £11,683,000


Research keywords

  • Active Vision
  • Decision making
  • Eye-movements
  • Eye-tracker
  • Neuropsychology
  • Visual cognition
  • Visual spatial neglect
  • fMRI
  • MEG
  • Cognition