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Publication - Professor Jan Noyes

    Investigating contexts of use for the development of domestic healthcare technology

    An ethnographic study


    Burrows, A, Noyes, J, Gooberman-Hill, R & Coyle, D, 2015, ‘Investigating contexts of use for the development of domestic healthcare technology: An ethnographic study’.


    Current demographic and health trends mean it is becoming imperative to rethink healthcare provision worldwide. This paper introduces SPHERE, a large-scale Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration that aims to make a contribution to addressing this challenge. Specifically, SPHERE is developing a smart home system based on a common platform of non-medical/environmental sensors to address a variety of healthcare needs. In order to achieve its goal of widespread deployment, SPHERE technology must meet the requirements of its envisaged users. In this paper we present the rationale and methodology of an ethnographic study of people's experiences of health and technology. The aim of this study was to gather rich contextual data to inform the design of meaningful and inclusive healthcare technology.

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