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Professor Jan Noyes

Human Factors

We research a range of phenomena related to Human Factors and applied cognitive psychology, including:

1. The design of input media for human-machine communication, for example, emerging technologies - data input devices, speech recognition and pen-based input, design of warnings and alerts, auditory and visual feedback.

2. The study of human interactions with technology and the development of theoretical models relating to decision-making and computer attitudes, for example, information management and presentation issues in complex systems, relevancy markers in language, the design and use of predictive information, preconceptions/expectations, display screens/computers versus hard copy.

3. The application of cognitive psychology to system design, for example, processing differences in learning and memory (the extent to which cognitive workload measures can inform recognition memory theory), decision-making, cognitive styles, human error, and the role of social factors and affective attributes.

Research keywords

  • Human factors
  • Cognition