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Professor Jeff Brunstrom


I am an experimental psychologist with an interest in ?behavioural nutrition.? Broadly, this incorporates decisions and behaviours associated with food choice, portion size, and energy intake. In particular, I have been preoccupied by the psychological processes that underpin the acquisition of flavour preferences and dietary habits over time. I am also interested in the ways in which this dietary learning might differ across groups of individuals, and the relationship between cognition and dietary control more generally. I am also interested in understanding the ?reactivity? that is experienced after exposure to the sight and smell food and how heightened reactivity might promote overweight and obesity. Recently, my research has focused on projects exploring decisions about portion size. My studies show that anticipated fullness and satisfaction are critical. Currently, two research projects (funded by the BBSRC [DRINC initiative] and an industry partner) are exploring the origin of these expectations and how they might be learned over time.

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Key words

  • diet
  • food choice
  • obesity
  • overeating
  • nutrition
  • dietary learning
  • appetite