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Publication - Dr Jeffrey Mitchell

    Automated fact checking in the news room


    Miranda, S, Vlachos, A, Nogueira, D, Secker, A, Mendes, A, Garrett, R, Mitchell, JJ & Marinho, Z, 2019, ‘Automated fact checking in the news room’. in: The Web Conference 2019: Proceedings of the World Wide Web Conference, WWW 2019. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), pp. 3579-3583


    Fact checking is an essential task in journalism; its importance has been highlighted due to recently increased concerns and efforts in combating misinformation. In this paper, we present an automated fact checking platform which given a claim, it retrieves relevant textual evidence from a document collection, predicts whether each piece of evidence supports or refutes the claim, and returns a final verdict. We describe the architecture of the system and the user interface, focusing on the choices made to improve its user friendliness and transparency. We conduct a user study of the fact-checking platform in a journalistic setting: we integrated it with a collection of news articles and provide an evaluation of the platform using feedback from journalists in their workflow. We found that the predictions of our platform were correct 58% of the time, and 59% of the returned evidence was relevant.

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