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Dr Josie Briscoe


One line of research addresses the locus and range of memory-related deficits observed in children at risk of developmental disorders of memory and language. In collaboration with F. Khadem, P. Rankin and S. Gathercole, we have been exploring the behavioural and neural correlates of memory and language impairments in children via the Routes Through Memory Project (Funded by The Wellcome Trust). A second line of research is concerned with communication deficits in children i.e. whether perceptual or cognitive impairments impede multi-sensory integration in children with communication deficits. The extent to which auditory perception impinges on working memory, language and literacy skills comprise my third line of research. Children with hearing impairments display relative integrity of reading and linguistic abilities, despite weak phonological skills (Briscoe, Bishop & Norbury, 2001).

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Key words

  • developmental disorders
  • language impairment
  • working memory
  • episodic memory
  • event memory
  • memory
  • children with communication deficits