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Professor Nick Scott-Samuel

Visual Perception

My research was initially concerned with the visual perception of motion by humans, but I’ve become sidetracked over time by various other things, including the perception of food and drink, camouflage, visual search and the estimation of numerosity.

For more on my camouflage research, please go to

Recent and current grants

  • BBSRC studentship (2007-11). Now you see it, now you don't: camouflage, movement and ecology. Scott-Samuel, Cuthill.
  • EPSRC/QinetiQ CASE studentship (2007-11). Animal camouflage. Baddeley, Cuthill, Scott-Samuel, Shohet.
  • Alcohol Education and Research Council (2010-2011). Effect of glass shape on drinking rate and drinking topography in social alcohol drinkers. Attwood, Scott-Samuel, Munafo
  • DSTL DTC CDE (2012-2013). The effect if standard and adaptive camouflage on perceived speed in neutral and stressful situations. Scott-Samuel, Cuthill, Baddeley, Munafo.

Research keywords

  • Psychophysics
  • Behavioural studies
  • Perception