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Dr Roland Baddeley

Bayesian modelling; statistics of natural images

The real world is fundamentally noisy and uncertain. Dealing with this uncertainty is one of the most diffuclt things animals do. Over the last 200 years Bayesian techniques have been developed to deal with such uncertainty, and the development of computers has great expanded what problems can be approached.

I am interested in applying such techniques to understanding human and animal cognition. As long as reasonably large data sets can be gathered, insight can be gained into most problems, but at the moment I am interested in visual development, eposodic and semantic memory (and forgetting), eye movements, and signalling in animals.

Recent and current grants

  • Roland Baddeley £ 33,000 (1998) MRC One year case award: optimal motor adaptation to a changing world.
  • Daniel Osorio and Roland Baddeley (2000-2003) BBSRC £178,000 The analysis of signalling in cuttlefish.
  • Roland Baddeley and Daniel Osorio (1999-2002) EPSRC £168,000Illumination invariance and the natural statistics of the world
  • Roland Baddeley (2004-2007) £170,000 EPSRC Reverse Engineering of Vertebrate Brain, Supported by EPSRC grant EP/C516303/1

Research keywords

  • Bayesian inference