Gardens and Grounds

The Gardens and Grounds service is responsible for the development and maintenance of gardens, grounds and cultural open spaces that make up the University of Bristol’s impressive landscape. 

Our in house teams of qualified horticultural and grounds staff maintain an exciting and diverse range of plants, garden features and habitats covering the City Campus, Stoke Bishop accommodation campus, halls of residence in Clifton Village and the School of Veterinary Sciences at Langford House, North Somerset.

They aim to provide a safe, relaxing and stimulating environment in which to live, study and work, through the provision of quality amenity spaces.

Several of the University’s gardens have important historical significance. The Gardens and Grounds team and the Historic Buildings and Gardens Conservation Group endeavour to effectively manage the preservation of the University’s historically important external features. A section of the gardens at Clifton Hill House is currently undergoing restoration with the aid of our Heritage Volunteering Group

The University estate has a diverse range of ecologically important habitats and ecosystems. Gardens and Grounds have a responsibility to manage these, so they continue to sustain a wide range of flora and fauna, including notable UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) and Avon BAP species. 

We work closely with the University’s Sustainability department to manage our environmental impact. The control of hazardous substances, water consumption and waste management is in accordance with environmental legislation and the University’s Policy and Strategy for Sustainability.

Gardens and Grounds maintenance specification

Gardens and Grounds work to a detailed maintenance specification. Centred on productivity based budgeting data, the document comprehensively sets out a service level agreement for the landscape maintenance provided by Gardens and Grounds to the University.

Facilities managers maintain a working copy of the specification, ensuring that the service provided meets the developing requirements of the University. Additionally, this document has value to Gardens and Grounds staff as a benchmark for the standard of landscape maintenance they provide.