Funding advice

Financial assistance

The Financial Assistance Fund provides emergency funds if you find yourself in financial difficulties during your studies. 

Additional funding information for current students can be found on our student intranet.

The Student Funding team can help with bursaries, scholarships and loans, UK government support, and emergency short-term loans.

Please read the information provided below which is provided to support students looking for a range of funding advice. 

Please note: Student Services departments cover health and wellbeing, careers advice, and advice for students with disabilities.

Living expenses

Likely living costs and advice on how to save money.


Choosing a bank and overdrafts.

Managing your finances

Who can help you with your finances.

Studying part-time

Funding and financial help when studying part-time.

Working part-time

How to find a part-time job and advice on working.

Students with dependants

Finances and benefit information.

Disability funding

Detailed advice on disability funding.

Year abroad

Funding for work or study on a year abroad.

Suspending or withdrawing

Financial considerations when suspending or withdrawing from your studies.