Part-time undergraduate study

Student finance for part-time study is different for students who started their course on after the 1 September 2012.

There are no loans or grants for living costs for part-time students.

Students who started studying before 2012

Part-time undergraduate students on courses in England and Wales who started their course before 1 September 2012 can apply for a Fee Grant and Course Grant.

You must be studying 50 per cent or more of an equivalent full-time course (at least 60 credits per academic year) and can apply for financial support from Student Finance England.

If you already have a degree qualification, you will not be eligible for a fee grant or a course grant. There is no age limit when applying for support.

Find guidance on grants for part-time study on the GOV.UK website.

Students who started studying in or after 2012

Part-time undergraduate students who started their course in or after September 2012 are able to apply for a tuition fee loan from Student Finance England.

You must be studying over 25% of the full-time course in each year to qualify for a tuition fee loan. If you already have a degree qualification, you will not be eligible for a tuition fee loan.

Find guidance on loans for part-time study on the GOV.UK website.

Further information

If you live in the UK but not in England, you can find further information on the following websites:

Current part-time students

Current students can find more information on the student intranet:

Additional financial help