Financial Assistance Fund

The Financial Assistance Fund is a discretionary fund to provide financial assistance to home (UK) students in order to help them access and remain in Higher Education. The fund supports students who need extra financial help to meet costs that are not met from other sources of support, or students who have particular financial emergencies and as a result are at risk of leaving Higher Education.

The Fund exists to help any eligible student in financial difficulty, however, we can't guarantee there will be sufficient funds to meet every application we receive or all the costs a student might apply for. The Fund should not be seen as a main source of funding.

The Fund does not take into account or make an award to help with tuition fee costs. The exception is part-time undergraduate students who started their course before 2012 who may be eligible to apply for the Additional Fee Support Scheme.

Students can only apply to the Fund once they have registered and started their course.

Current students

Students who are currently registered at the University can find out more about the Financial Assistance Fund from the Student intranet: