PG loans (PhD)

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PG loans (PhD)

Students living in England and Wales can apply for a Postgraduate Doctoral Loan to assist with course fees and living costs while studying a postgraduate doctoral course, such as a PhD.

Who should apply?

PhD students seeking financial assistance to pay for living costs and/or course fees.

See full eligibility criteria.

What is it?

A Postgraduate Doctoral loan can be worth up to £25,700. The full amount varies depending on when your course starts and what year of study you choose to apply. You do not have to apply during your first year of study. You can apply for a Postgraduate Doctoral Loan in any year of your course.

How do I apply?

You can apply online at:

Terms and conditions

Please ensure you read the full eligibility criteria and other terms and conditions of the scheme before applying.

When is the deadline?

The deadline for applying depends on when you start your course.

You need to apply within 9 months of the first day of the last academic year of the course.

Course Information

When applying for your PG Doctoral Loan, your course will be listed under the school or department you will be studying in. If you are unsure which course to select, a list of the courses can be found here.