Bristol Conversations in Education - The RAIDING project: Designing a mobile game to promote arithmetic fluency

1 May 2019, 1.00 PM - 1 May 2019, 2.00 PM

Professor Tim Jay, from Sheffield Hallam University

Room 4.10, School of Education, 35 Berkeley Square, Bristol, BS8 1JA

This event is part of the School of Education's 'Bristol Conversations in Education' seminar series. These seminars are free and open to the public.

Speaker: Professor Tim Jay, from Sheffield Hallam University

The RAIDING project (Researching Adaptivity to Individual Differences in Number Games) set out to create a mobile game to promote arithmetic fluency in 7-8 year old primary school children. Working in an interdisciplinary team, we carried out a year-long iterative design research project to create a game, drawing on principles derived from research in education, psychology and computing. Evaluation studies carried out following the design phase suggest that the game has a strong positive effect on children’s learning.

This seminar will share an account of the project so far, and of ways in which we have refined the game and now plan to scale up the research to learn more about game-based learning and mathematical cognition. 


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