The Thinking Futures festival aims to share and celebrate research from the University of Bristol's Faculty of Social Sciences and Law. The programme comprises a wide variety of events for the general public, schools, policy-makers and third sector organisations, held in Bristol and beyond.

Engage with our researchers and see how the social sciences inform key debates and advances in policy and practice for governments, education, charities, health services, legal systems, and public services around the globe.

Highlights from the 2014 Festival

• 863 people attended 21 unique events.

• 98 per cent of attendees rated the events as interesting, 95 per cent enjoyable and 91 per cent educational with 94 per cent overall satisfaction.

• For the events open to all, 75 per cent of people attended in a personal capacity and 25 per cent attended in a professional capacity.

• 23 per cent of attendees had never been to a University event before, which shows we reached new audiences.

• Over 75 per cent said the event had increased their knowledge of the University, social science and the research topic.

• 82 per cent would attend another University of Bristol event in the future.

Feedback from attendees

"I really felt part of something progressive and important and engaged with the University, and the University expressed concern and a desire to really be part of wider Bristol - really, really good way to spend a Saturday afternoon."

"It was extremely interesting with presentations from speakers who were very generous with their knowledge and open to discussion. Fascinating and fun."

"I liked the whole thing! The speakers were brilliant. The generosity of the catering and gifts. And finishing off the day with doing something for a good cause. Excellent day. Everyone I have told (not interested at all in patchwork) said they wished they had come!"

This festival is supported by the Economic and Social Research Council, as part of their national Festival of Social Science.