Democracy and Participation


The Democracy and Participation research theme aims to connect researchers working across disciplines on:

  • political (dis)engagement;
  • anti-politics;
  • new and alternative modes and repertoires of political action;
  • everyday, embodied and personal political engagement, life politics;
  • forms of civic/civil engagement and their significance for democratic renewal or social cohesion;
  • contemporary political, social and protest movements;
  • forms of democratic innovation and experimentation;
  • the scope for forms of participatory or decentred governance to include and enhance (diverse) citizens’ inclusion in decision-making;
  • bottom-up and co-produced forms of citizen engagement in decision-making;
  • the role of/scope for Information Communication Technologies in shaping political action or underpinning democratic renewal; democratic engagement across diversity and place and space;
  • normative understandings of good democracy/democratic life, participation and social justice.

Group lead

To join this group, please email the group leader with details of your relevant research interests.

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