International Development

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Law's International Development Group has been established as a thematically diverse - but theoretically and methodologically inclusive – group focused on the totality of problems that confront the developing world.

Membership includes colleagues from all of the faculty's schools. While linked to the Cabot Institute’s International Development Group, the FSSL group brings together social scientists who work specifically on the problems of the social world as well as those who study the linkages between the social and natural worlds, in the contexts of developing countries.

Given that perhaps the majority of world's 'critical transformations' are now arising within the developing world, the group is certainly interested in developing intellectual agenda for International Development within the University. It is, however, particularly keen to work collectively to develop research agenda able to exploit funding opportunities as they arise within Britain and internationally. In pursuing this goal, and in addition to seeking opportunities for 'standard' academic research, the group welcomes those whose research expertise lies in working with development agencies on a consultancy basis.

Colleagues and doctoral students who wish to pursue their research in collaboration with those who work in International Development both within the University and outside of it, are invited to contact Elizabeth Fortin ( in the first instance.

Group leads

To join this group, please email Elizabeth Fortin with details of your relevant research interests.

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