Transnational and International Comparative Analysis: Concepts, theories and methods in the Social Sciences

The new Transnational and International Comparative Analysis faculty research group in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law brings together academics interested in all areas of scholarship involving international/multi-scalar and/or comparative, cross national and transnational analysis. We know that research in these areas is being conducted right across the faculty from different disciplinary perspectives, theoretical standpoints, methodological approaches and geographies. The aim of this group is to bring together researchers with the aim of generating conceptual, theoretical and methodological cross-fertilization, synergy and innovation across disciplines, regions and areas of study. We are also keen to identify and facilitate research opportunities and proposals within the group as well as in conjunction with other relevant research clusters, centres and departments in the University. Themes that might be explored could include:

  • scale and space in comparative analysis;
  • paradigms, diffusion and translation;
  • uneven development;
  • governance and institutions;
  • co-production in international comparative analysis;
  • comparative analysis and theory building.

The initial aim is to build a network of researchers interested in these topics and establishing a web presence and mailing list. So in the first instance we would like to collect the following information from you:

  • existing groups or centres in your department relevant to this faculty group;
  • details of recent/current projects;
  • a brief overview (100-150 words) outlining your research interests, approaches and methodologies and how they connect with this research theme.

This information should be sent to Dr Noemi Lendvai to be uploaded onto the group's website.

Group lead

To join this group, please email the group leader with details of your relevant research interests.

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