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Hosting young Geographers for work experience week

Work experience 2017

17 July 2017

Last week we hosted 8 students from years 10 and 11 for our annual work experience. The students, all from local schools and who study Geography at GCSE level, worked as research assistants in both Human and Physical Geography.

They got a taste of how diverse Geography is as a subject with their first day spent with Dr Merle Patchett. Merle introduced the students to her research and then took them on a fieldtrip to Bristol Museum to consider the space and how the exhibits were displayed in a historical and cultural context. They also viewed bird of paradise specimens and their labels and were invited to expand on the descriptions of the birds. The day ended with a trip to Special Collections to study texts, maps and ornithological studies of the bird of paradise. 


Merle and the Birds of Paradise at Bristol Museum

Hannah Lowery and Michael Richardson from Special Collections

The following days were spent with Hollie Morgan, Adam Parker and Simon Cobb at the University's research facility, Fenswood Farm in Long Ashton. Hollie devised the programme for the students to undertake fieldwork in the form of taking soil and water samples from different sites at the farm and laboratory work analysing the water for alkality and nitrates and drying the soil to measure moisture. 


Hollie instructing during soil collection

Lab instruction

Water sampling at Ashton Brook


Further information

‌If you are interested in completing work experience in Geographical Sciences in 2018, please email Jeni Milsom with your CV.

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