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Publication - Professor David Manley

    Biosocial health geography

    New ‘exposomic’ geographies of health and place


    Prior, L, Manley, D & Sabel, C, 2019, ‘Biosocial health geography: New ‘exposomic’ geographies of health and place’. Progress in Human Geography, vol 43., pp. 531-552


    Investigating biologically plausible mechanisms for the embodiment of context is a key thoroughfare for progressing health geographies of place. Expanding knowledge of bioprocesses such as epigenetics is providing a platform for appreciating the dynamic embedding of social relations in bodies over the lifecourse, and so to tracing the development of health inequalities. By providing a geographic lens on the biosocial, health geographers have key contributions to make regarding the theorisation of place. We put forward the exposome as a holistic framework in which to situate a biosocial health geography, placing ideas of dynamic exposure, plasticity and temporality as central.

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