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Dr Emma Stone

Understanding past warm climates

My research forms part of the European Union funded project past4future and the NERC consortium iGlass.  These projects investigate the climate and environment of past warm periods (interglacials) to inform on future climate and possible abrupt changes, such as sea level rise, based on a synthesis of data and modelling. Specifically, I use climate models of varying complexity (HadCM3, FAMOUS and cGENIE) to examine the sensitivity of the climate to different forcings using a standard protocol (e.g. greenhouse gas concentrations, vegetation changes). Furthermore, I look at the impact of abrupt changes caused by, for instance, increased freshwater forcing from the deglaciation of the Laurentide ice sheet at the end of the last deglaciation. Finally, in conjunction with the Glimmer ice sheet model, feedbacks between climate and ice sheet are examined in the context of these warm periods of recent Earth history in order to assess sea level changes under a warmer than present climate.