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Dr Eunice Lo


I am a Research Associate in the Climate Dynamics group, which is part of the Bristol Research Initiative for the Dynamic Global Environment (BRIDGE). I joined BRIDGE in November 2017 and I have been looking at the public health impacts of increasing global and regional temperatures, and the surge impacts of hurricanes under different future warming scenarios. 

I completed my PhD in Atmosphere, Oceans and Climate at the University of Reading in 2017. My PhD thesis focused on the detection of the temeprature effects of stratospheric sulphare aerosol injection, which is a potential way of geoengineering the climate. I made use of optimal fingerprint detection and attribution techniques to estimate the time needed for the geoengineering signal to be robustly detected in surface and atmospheric temperatures after hypothetical implementation in a future warming scenario.

I obtained an M.Phys. (Hons) degree in Physics and Astronomy from Durham University in 2013. In my final year project, I investigated the effectiveness of infrared radiometers in detecting aerosol and cloud layers for the calibration of large ground-based gamma-ray telescopes (HESS) in Namibia.