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Dr Eunice Lo

Climate change, extreme weather and human health

My research interests lie in current and future climate change up until the end of the 21st century. In particular, I am interested in the changing impacts of extreme weather in a warming world. At the moment, my research is primarily focused on estimating the public health benefits of increasing international climate commitments to meet the Paris Agreement goal in terms of reduced heat-related mortality. This research is important because the research outcomes will likely motivate strengthening of climate change mitigation efforts in the Paris Agreement's pledge and review system.

My other research focus is on storm surge modelling for island states in the Caribbean region. Hurricanes have caused devastating damage and large numbers of deaths in the Americas, especially in the Caribbean. Rising sea levels and changes in hurricane characteristics are projected in a warming climate. Assessing any potential changes in coastal storm surges, one of the major threats facing local populations, could inform future emergency response plans and hopefully alleviate damage. 

Research keywords

  • Future climate change
  • Temperature-related mortality
  • Storm surge