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Dr Fotis Sgouridis

My role as the Laboratory Manager is to oversee operations in the School of Geographical Sciences laboratory platform (BIOGAS, LOWTEX, AQUALAB, MICROLAB), manage the laboratory budget and technical staff and support and contribute to research and teaching activities in the laboratory.

In terms of research I am broadly interested in the biogeochemistry of nitrogen (N) and carbon (C) across a range of terrestrial and aquatic environments. My doctoral and postdoctoral research in soil biogeochemistry focuses on the effect of land use management and landscape position on nitrogen and carbon cycling and greenhouse gas emissions in terrestrial ecosystems. My research to date has aimed on the one hand to advance mechanistic understanding of key biogeochemical processes and on the other to produce results that can be translated into environmental policy and is of direct relevance to climate change science.

My vision is to continue my research in investigating the soil-plant-atmosphere interactions in a changing climate and land use context using novel experimental paradigms (e.g. laboratory and field manipulations) and cutting-edge analytical approaches (e.g. C and N stable isotopes). I am also interested in elucidating the role and relative importance of alternative nitrogen transformation processes such as Dissimilatory Nitrate Reduction to Ammonium (DNRA) and Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation (Anammox) in terrestrial environments.

Research keywords

  • Soil Biogeochemistry
  • Climate Change
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • N & C cycling