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Dr James Duminy

Urban change and governance in the global South

My research examines the ways that cities and urbanisation are (and have been) governed, focusing on sub-Saharan Africa within the wider context of the global South. I am interested in how urban processes relate to questions of food security and health, and the various ways in which these links have been problematized and addressed. In doing so, I work at the interface between the historical and contemporary, as well as the empirical and theoretical.

At the University of Bristol I am working closely with Prof Susan Parnell as part of the IUSSP Family Planning, Fertility and Urban Development project funded by the Gates Foundation. My research focuses on the evolution of the intellectual and practical links between urban development, family planning and reproductive health in the global South.

Through my ongoing involvement with the African Centre for Cities (University of Cape Town) as part of the interdisciplinary PEAK Urban project, I am researching the past and present trends of national urban reform in South Africa.

I retain a running interest in emerging approaches to theorising and researching African and Southern urban processes, and have published several pieces on the case study methodology as it relates to African planning education and research. Some of my previous work has addressed the ethics of planning thought and praxis in the urban South, as well as the spatial and political dynamics of post-apartheid South African cities.

Research keywords

  • Africa
  • urbanisation
  • urban governance
  • food security
  • urban health
  • urban theory
  • urban history