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Professor Jonathan Bamber

Professor of Physical Geography

I am a physicist who uses Earth Observation (EO) data, primarily from satellites but also airborne platforms, to study the cryosphere. My research interests are broad but can loosely be described as cryospheric processes and their interaction with the rest of the climate system. Most of my research focuses on using EO techniques, including laser and radar altimetry, Synthetic Aperture Radar, imaging spectrometry and gravimetry, to investigate the behaviour of the ice sheets covering Antarctica and Greenland. I have, however, also applied similar methods to study the Patagonian Ice Caps, Svalbard, Himalayan glaciers and Arctic sea ice. Much of my most recent research relates to the impact of melting land ice on sea level rise (SLR) and also the response of the ocean to changes in freshwater forcing. Thus, I have worked on investigating the stability of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) among other oceanogrpahy problems. 

Most of the EO techniques I employ fall into the category of satellite geodesy and I have used the same methods to produce digital elevation models of various land surfaces. Digital terrain modelling is, therefore, another aspect of my research. 

Research keywords

  • Satellite remote sensing
  • Antarctica
  • Greenland
  • polar climate
  • sea level rise
  • oceanography
  • Glaciology