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Dr Naomi Millner


I completed an undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge in 2006, and later studied for my MSc in Society and Space and a PhD in Human Geography at the University of Bristol. I completed my PhD in 2012

As part of my academic practice I am committed to practices for just and equitable social change as well as the dissemination of useful knowledge through popular education networks. To this end I work closely with community partners and social movements in my research. I am also involved in several refugee and asylum-seeking organisations in Bristol and co-founded the Bristol Hospitality Network, for which I remain a Trustee. I am involved in UK food networks such as the Landworker Alliance, and work collaboratively on environmental and food justice issues with community groups in the UK and Latin America.

I am also a member of the Authority Research Network (ARN), an interdisciplinary group of early career scholars who try to understand how authority relations are produced and transformed. Through theoretical work and collabrorative interventions they seek to practically engage with questions of positive power, political subjectivity, experience and authority.  The ARN was nitiatied with support from the Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Bristol in 2008, and has worked on three successful projects as part of the AHRC Connected Communities Programme.