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Dr Naomi Millner


I lecture, or have lectured, in the following areas:

  • Conflicted Environments (MSc, unit convenor)
  • More-than-human Geographies: Cultures of Nature (second year, unit convenor)
  • Postcolonial Matters (MSc)
  • Social Theory and Philosophy for Geography (second year)
  • Qualitative methods (second year, unit convenor)
  • Contemporary Debates (MSc, unit convenor)
  • Gender, Migration & Labour (third year)
  • Political & Economic Geography (first year)
  • Social Geography (first year)

I also teach outside the academy, giving lectures on migrants & health to medical students, supporting popular education processes within networks like the UK Food Sovereignty Network, and developing Action Research within farmers' networks in Central America. I participate in a number of public engagement schemes and am interested in working with schools groups, young people out of education, and adult learners.