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Miss Rosanna Carver


Senior Associate Teacher in Human Geography.

My thesis focuses on the blue economy, exploring sovereignty over emerging resource frontiers in the context of marine mineral mining in Namibia. This research is funded by the Lancaster Environment Centre. 
Fieldwork: Namibia (2016,17,18) and South Africa (2017)

Alongside my thesis, I am undertaking research into how conventional paradigms of resource nationalism are challenged by the case of Kosovo via its position as a disputed territory. Fieldwork: Kosovo (2016,17) and Serbia (2017)

Research Appointments

Visiting PhD Researcher,UC Berkeley, CA, hosted by Prof. Nancy Peluso (2018)
Visiting Scholar, University of Namibia (2017)

Outside of my academic work, I consult on environmental, social and governance concerns in minieral supply chains.


Refereed Journal Articles
Carver, R. (2019), Resource sovereignty and accumulation in the blue economy: The case of seabed mining in Namibia. Journal of Political Ecology, 26. 

Other Publications
Carver, R. (2018), ‘Navigating new ocean policies in Namibia’, Africa in Fact, 44. 

Conference Papers

2019      (Re)shaping frontiers: emerging sites of extraction in Namibia’s EEZ. MARE X: People & the Sea, Centre for Maritime Research, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Winner of best student paper.

2018      “Lost at Sea? Sustainable development and the blue economy.”Developing Areas Research Group Sponsored Session. Royal Geographic Society (RGS-IBG) Annual Conference

2018      Who owns what in the ocean? Commodity frontiers and the blue economy. Political Ecology Network (POLLEN) Biennial Conference, 2018, Oslo, Norway.

2018      “I don’t understand what the blue economy is”: Contested ownership and international agendas in Namibia’s blue economy. Political Ecology Network (POLLEN) Biennial Conference, 2018, Oslo, Norway.

MSc(LSE), BSc(York)



School of Geographical Sciences